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7 Key Considerations When Choosing Corporate Secretary Providers



The Role of a Company Secretary in Company Formation


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According to the Companies Act, appointing a corporate secretary is mandatory for all registered companies in Singapore within 6 months of incorporation to maintain legal requirements. The functions of a corporate secretary include notifying company directors of annual returns deadlines, updating company registers, preparing meeting minutes and informing directors and shareholders of any regulatory changes. Given its significant role, some companies may perform the tasks personally or engage a corporate secretarial service provider

Why Choose a Corporate Secretary Provider?

Companies may appoint a corporate secretary internally to perform administrative tasks and ensure legal compliance with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). So, why is it necessary to choose a corporate secretary provider? Choosing a corporate secretary provider offers the benefits of freeing your time and resources for other core business functions. Outsourcing the management of the company’s regulatory compliance and secretarial responsibilities allows you to concentrate on growing your business. 

7 Key Considerations in Choosing a Corporate Service Provider

Choosing a reliable corporate service provider is crucial as making a hasty decision may result in potential fines or penalties and jeopardise the company. If you are considering a corporate secretary provider, here are 7 key considerations to keep in mind: 


Having a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and corporate governance is vital for corporate secretaries to facilitate informed business decision-making by company directors and shareholders. Furthermore, Singapore’s regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving. You want someone well-versed in the intricate details of business compliance and has experience providing practical solutions to complex legal and regulatory issues.

Customised Services

Companies need more than just a standard service in today’s dynamic business landscape. They need comprehensive support from corporate service providers to address specific company’s needs and goals efficiently. For instance, a small Singapore start-up company may initially require a corporate secretary to help with administrative tasks. However, as the company grows, the corporate secretary has to perform beyond its administrative tasks. The role evolves to include filing annual returns and advising the company directors on compliance matters. Our dedicated team of experts will tailor to the company’s needs, ensuring the best support and experience. 


We recognise companies undergo different stages of growth. Companies that are starting out will have different requirements compared to established companies looking at global expansion. Our flexible and scalable services cater to the diverse needs of these companies. We are partnering with our clients, attuning to the changes and supporting them throughout their journey. 

Effective Communication

As the primary point of contact, a corporate secretary must be an effective communicator who communicates vital information and decisions of the statutory obligations to the company director and shareholders. Lanturn is dedicated to conveying relevant information within a day, acknowledging its impact on the business world.  

Corporate Secretary Fees

We understand companies are concerned about corporate secretary fees, which may impact your business’s bottom line. That’s why at Lanturn, our fees are transparent, and we place them as our priority. We clarify the cost involved, eliminating surprises from hidden costs and putting your mind at ease.  

Quality Service

Quality is something companies shouldn’t compromise. Our experienced corporate services team possesses the technical expertise and is willing to go the extra mile. Whether meeting the statutory obligations or assisting in fundraising, we are ready to complete the tasks with swiftness and precision. 

Fundraising Support

Given its market competitiveness in Singapore, new and established company start-ups often go through extensive fundraising endeavours. You will want a corporate secretary provider to support you on your journey. As a corporate secretarial service, Lanturn also offers ad-hoc fundraising support to our clients. We provide peace of mind to allow companies to focus on their pitch while we handle the necessary paperwork. 

Lanturn’s Corporate Secretarial Services Tailored to You!

A reliable corporate secretary provider goes beyond navigating Singapore’s complex compliance requirements and fulfilling statutory obligations. As you scale your company, it’s essential to find someone who can support and customise your company’s needs. With our cloud-based platform, you can access your documents readily anywhere and at any time of the day. We will tailor our corporate services to your needs as you grow your business. We have an experienced in-house team ready to provide seamless support every step of the way. From Series A to E funding rounds, we have successfully guided numerous clients through their growth journey. 

Choose Lanturn as your reliable partner today. Book a call with us and take the first step towards success!  

About the Author

Aditi Pednekar

Head of Corporate Secretarial Services

Aditi is a law graduate from Mumbai, India, with more than five years of extensive experience in company compliance and regulatory matters in Singapore. She brings a holistic perspective to compliance, providing well-rounded advice and support to Lanturn clients.

Aditi has worked with a diverse range of companies, from start-ups to dynamic group companies, assisting them in various critical aspects of their operations. Notably, she played a key role in facilitating investment rounds and providing comprehensive support in matters related to ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) and IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).

Aditi Pednekar

Aditi Pednekar

Start the journey

Speak with one of our experts to explore a tailored solution for your business

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