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We're here to make a difference.

What started as an idea to digitise the corporate services industry has evolved into much more. Since then, we've helped over 400 companies achieve growth by streamlining processes and admin work through technology and great people. We now offer a full suite of corporate and fund services, and we develop game-changing technology that is shaking up the industry.

Lanturn Logo

Since 2017, Lanturn has worked with the more than 100 early-stage and growth-stage companies -- and we’re just getting started.

Our story

We’re here to serve

Lanturn's mission has always been to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow their funds and investments by offering exceptional corporate and fund management services and top-of-the-line technology.

Over the years, we developed technology that allows us to cater further to our client's needs and become a partner in their growth. Now, we have become Singapore's leading boutique corporate and fund managing service provider with proprietary technology that is the first of its kind in the market today -- and we're just getting started.

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You’re in good hands

With an all-star team of highly experienced professsionals, you can rest assured that you’re working with the right people.

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Velisarios Kattoulas

CEO & Director

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Maryana Hutchinson

Managing Director

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Dharini Jegadeesan

Head of Compliance

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Suba Ranjini Nadaraja

Head of Accounting

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Aditi Pednekar

Head of Corporate Secretarial Services

Image of kritika

Kritika Gupta

Head of Immigration Services

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Mechelle Chow

Fund Accounting Manager

Image of Jaey

Jaey Silva

Head of Digital Marketing

Board Of Directors and Advisers

We're proud to partner with people and organizations who are deeply aligned with our mission.