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From 1 September 2023: For EPs, candidates must also pass the COMPASS framework. For PEPs, the fixed monthly salary criteria will be raised from S$12,000 to $22,500.

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Choosing Lanturn means you have an expert on your side for your EP/PEP application. We are licensed by Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and have extensive experience helping individuals and companies, navigate Singapore's immigration regulations. Our expert guidance will ensure a smooth and stress-free application process.

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What is an EP?

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An Employment Pass (EP) is a type of work visa issued to qualifying foreign professionals, managers, executives, and skilled workers who wish to work in Singapore.

Who can apply for an EP?

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It is available to foreign professionals from all ethnic groups and nationalities and is evaluated based on the candidate’s salary, work experience, skill set, and educational qualifications.

What is the Singapore Employment Pass validity period?

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New applicants are granted an EP that is valid for a maximum of two years. While a renewed EP is valid for up to three years.

What are the eligibility criteria for an EP?

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To apply for an EP, foreign professionals must have a job offer in Singapore and meet these requirements:

  • Hold a managerial, executive, or specialized position.
  • Possess a university degree, professional qualifications, or specialized skills.
  • Receive a fixed monthly salary of at least S$5,000 (higher salary for experienced candidates).

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What you need to know to secure your PEP with Lanturn

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What is a PEP?

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The Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) is a work visa for high-earning foreign professionals to live and work in Singapore. Unlike other work visas, PEP is not associated with a specific employer, allowing the holder to switch jobs without reapplying for a new work pass.

Who can apply for an PEP?

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EP holders and foreign professionals who want to work and live in Singapore can apply for the PEP if they meet the eligibility criteria.

What is the Singapore PEP validity period?

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The PEP remains valid for three years after issuance and cannot be renewed. After the expiration, applicants must apply for an Employment Pass or Permanent Resident status to continue working legally in Singapore.

What are the eligibility criteria for an EP?

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To be eligible for the PEP, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Monthly salary of at least S$12,000 if they are an Employment Pass holder.
  • Last drawn monthly salary of at least S$18,000 if they are an overseas foreign professional. The last drawn salary must be within six months before the PEP application.

Work Pass Services Pricing

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Employment Pass (EP)

Lanturn’s expert team provides personalised advice to ensure a smooth and successful application process for you. We offer a comprehensive guidance, covering all aspects from the initial application to status tracking and appeal filing in some cases.


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Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

Lanturn's visa specialist willprovide customised support to guarantee a smooth PEP application procedure. From document review, status tracking and processing appeals in some instances.


EP Renewal

We take care of the entire renewal application process for you, handling everything online to make the procedure as painless as possible.


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Discussion with Lanturn

Introduce Lanturn to your existing corporate service provider, Lanturn takes over the conversation and handles the transition process.


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Review and Filing

Lanturn has experience in taking over clients from existing providers, and while there may be some administrative work such as KYC of your directors and shareholders. it is worth it for the improved service going forward.


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Review and Filing

We will prepare the paperwork for you to sign and lodge the change with ACRA. Trust us to make the transition as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


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