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Growing your business with a company that has the trust of 500 businesses and over five years of experience can get you the edge your company needs to start strong right from the get-go.

Launch 3

Launch 3 is the perfect solution for micro-business owners, side hustlers, and other entrepreneurs who are thinking big but starting small.

+Free Incorporation

Launch 5

Launch 5 is the perfect package for self-funded entrepreneurs with a few more shareholders and employees than our Launch 3 plan.

+Free Incorporation

Additional one-off services

One-off services do not qualify for Launch discounts | Prices exclusive of Singapore GST

Letter of Consent


We offer a comprehensive service for LOC applications, which covers preparing and submitting applications, tracking their status, and dealing with any appeals to guarantee government approval.

Employment Pass


Lanturn’s expert team offers personalised advice to ensure that you have a smooth and successful EP application process. They provide comprehensive guidance, covering all aspects from the initial application to status tracking and, in some cases, filing appeals.

Dependant Pass


Our team of immigration experts is here to help you navigate the Dependant Pass application process, providing personalised guidance and support at every step, including preparing and submitting your application, tracking its progress, and appealing any rejections.

How do I qualify?

This program is for new business owners wanting to get a solid start in their business here in Singapore.

For your business to qualify for the program, it must meet all the requirements for each discount tier. Your company will be eligible for our Launch discounts as long as it meets all the criteria. There is no time restriction on our Launch discounts.

Our Services

Incorporation & Corporate Secretary

Our team have over five years of experience providing quality company secretary services and has helped over 400 companies with their business registration in Singapore.

Accounting & Tax

Our tech simplifies all your accounting needs, including IRAS corporate tax filings and payroll disbursement, while delivering transparency and accessibility like no other accounting software in the market.


Our ACRA-registered immigration consultants can help you and your employees secure the right SG work passes seamlessly.

Incorporate your business in Singapore—Simple and Hassle-free

Ready to form your company? Let us help you start your business easily with Lanturn’s self-checkout tool, check name availability in real-time with ACRA and see if you qualify for our Launch program, in just a few clicks.

Why businesses choose Lanturn

Highly experienced team

Lanturn has some of the best people working behind the scenes to ensure that we can give you the best possible service whenever you need it.

Custom-built technology

In our pursuit of streamlining accounting and fund management tasks, we’ve developed our own platform that offers transparency and accessibility like no other.

Fair and transparent pricing

We provide a breakdown of all services we provide to give you a better overview of what you are paying for and how much. We’ll never let you pay for services you don’t need.

Entrepreneurs we’ve helped

When I first moved to Singapore I was unfamiliar with the rules and requirements for setting up a business as an expat, and Lanturn was so helpful and knowledgeable. The team is an absolute pleasure to work with, and they make my life easier.
Rebecca Downie
Rebecca Downie Photography, Director
When I decided to open my business in Singapore I was suggested to go to Lanturn and I’m glad for that. They ensured everything was done timely and correctly, and I never had to worry about things slipping through the cracks. Their prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of service I received.
Sofia Maragna
So Italian, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of shares a small business should start within Singapore is not fixed and is usually determined by its shareholders and the amount of capital invested. Small businesses typically issue a relatively small number of shares to a limited number of shareholders based on their intended shareholding structure, capital requirements, and business goals. It is advisable to seek professional advice from corporate service providers like Lanturn to determine the appropriate number of shares for a small business in Singapore.

Businesses must comply with certain regulations and requirements like registering with ACRA, obtaining licences and permits, and following tax and employment laws. It can be daunting handling all of this on your own, but should you reach out to service providers or business advisors the process of incorporation can be easy and straightforward.

To start a small business in Singapore, you should choose a business idea, conduct market research, register your business with ACRA, secure funding, set up your workspace, hire employees, and establish your brand. But if you haven’t a business idea yet, you might want to first know [what companies you can open and register in Singapore](https://www.lanturn.com/sg/blog/small-business-ideas-what-companies-can-you-open-and-register-in-singapore) first.

Starting a small business in Singapore offers several benefits, including its strategic location in Southeast Asia, a business-friendly environment, access to funding and government grants, a highly skilled workforce, supportive government, and a diverse market.

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