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Cloud corporate secretary services for Singapore startups, SMEs and investors

Want your corporate secretary to be as easy to deal with as your bank? Lanturn uses best-in-class platform technology to streamline processes, saving you the most valuable asset of all: time.

Corporate Secretary Plan


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billed annually

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Annual return

Up to two resolutions per year

Includes two advisory calls

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Corporate Secretary 101

If this is your first time working with a corporate secretary, you’ll want to read our very comprehensive quick start guide.

Why corporate secretaries love the cloud

It’s easy to stumble over government regulations — especially if your corporate secretary still relies on wet signatures or a patchwork of standalone technology applications.

Because our experienced team of corporate secretaries use an integrated cloud corporate services platform, we have minimized the number of cracks through which important tasks can slip. This makes changing directors, issuing shares, filing annual returns and staying on top of frequent rule changes easier than ever.


We're responsive

Our integrated tech stack makes it possible for us to respond to you within hours during regular business hours and in a single business day at other times. But remember that at times we have to seek guidance from regulators. So it could take a bit longer to come back to you with a final answer. Put another way, Lanturn is no different to in-house teams. Sometimes you’ll wonder what’s taking us so long. Other times, (we hope) we’ll surprise you by how quickly we get things done.


We're integrated

There’s plenty of applications out there that digitize one workflow or another. Standalone digital signature technology, document storage and data capture tools are nothing new. There’s nothing wrong with them. They might easier for sure, and we think of this Digital 2.0. And that’s why we’re excited we’re using an integrated Digital 3.0 technology that pulls together key workflows in one place and makes it all but impossible for us to lose documents or overlook pressing tasks.


We're predictable

Extensive interviews with buyers of corporate services revealed that unexpected surcharges and add-on fees were one of the things they objected to the most when it came to the traditional corporate services firms they worked with. As serial entrepreneurs, this resonated with us very loudly. We hated the surcharges and add-on charges as well. We still do. And that’s why we decided to nail down a price for practically every corporate action imaginable.

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