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At Lanturn, we love simple. That’s why we married an experienced team and a dedication to service with cloud technology. Our goal: to make your accounting, corporate governance, fund reporting and other administrative tasks less work than ever.

Quick and accurate cloud corporate & fund services

Few people want to wrestle with accounting, reporting, annual returns, license applications, tax filings or nominee directors. That’s why we have assembled an experienced team that includes corporate secretaries, accountants, fund services specialists and tax advisors, and it’s also why we thread technology through everything we do. This enables us to provide companies and asset managers with services that are plain quicker, better and more cost effective than old-school options. So say hello to Lanturn: cloud corporate and fund services services for today.

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Accounting & Tax

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for an early hire, a growth-stage scale-up juggling dozens of employees across multiple jurisdictions, or a fund or family office navigating complex regulations, Lanturn has you covered. We leverage years of experience and use industry-leading, cloud-based accounting technology to produce accurate management and/or fund accounts for you, and you get access to your key data 24/7.


We yearned to make starting companies and funds simple. That’s why we paired an experienced team of professionals with industry-leading technology. Welcome to corporate and fund services for the 21st century.  

Corporate Secretary

Start or run a company or a fund in Singapore, and you’re required by law to appoint a corporate secretary. How your corporate secretary creates and manages sensitive documents (and produces reports for regulators if you are a fund) is up to them. Excel, PDFs and ring binders remain popular. At Lanturn, we use advanced platform technology that combines messaging, document storage and management, and e-signature technology to save you time and heartache.

Visa Applications

Lanturn is licensed by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and we help entrepreneurs, local firms and multinationals navigate Singapore’s immigration regulations. Whether it’s for your employees, for members of your family or for yourself, we can provide you with customised advice that is tailored to your situation. Rely on Lanturn for support, and take the pain out of immigration and employment passes. 

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