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Fund Managers

Our premiere fund experts in Singapore and quality application can help make fund management more accessible and streamlined than ever.

Our Services

Fund formation

Professional fund set-up and ongoing support.

Capital calls

We calculate and prepare the capital call letters to LPs. We use standard capital call letters or create customized letters to fit your needs.

Distribution of financial statements to all LPs

We perform accurate reconciliation of fund bank accounts.

Processing and recording of fund expenses

We review, process, and record expenses in accordance with partnership agreements.

Preparation of financial statements

Capital account balance tracking We calculate and track all LP and GP capital account balances per the stipulations in the partnership agreements.

Audit support

We provide reports and support as requested to the auditors for year-end audit work.

Fund formation

Professional fund set-up and ongoing support.

Fund formation

Professional fund set-up and ongoing support.

What you can expect

A streamlined approach

Every detail and other important information about your investments is quickly accessible and easy to interpret.

Easy to understand

Creating a world-class user experience is at the heart of what we do. No unnecessary buttons, and no complicated processes to learn.

Safe and secure

All information about your investments is kept safe within the platform. You won’t have to worry about sensitive information leaking through emails and other sources ever again.

We do the work; our technology makes it easier for you and us

Our platform plays a fundamental part in helping us roll out a red-carpet experience. Features that will be sure to wow you and investors:

Frequently Asked Questions

We will act as outsourced accountants and therefore this information will not be required to be processed by in-house accountants or admin staff.

The platform is read-only. Regarding the transactions tab – the fund manager will need to inform us of any capital calls e.g. Capital call of $2mil, and a management fee of $100,000. Our team will do the data entry that will be reflected on the platform for the fund manager to view.

This is our KYC process in a nutshell: We will be asking you for basic investor information – their Name, email address and if they are an individual or an entity investor. After which we will be uploading this information in our system. Your investor will receive a link to our Fund Services platform, where they will be asked to key in the information required for KYC and upload their documents. Once done, our compliance team will run this information through our compliance software to check the risk type of the client. We will then update the KYC status in the portal and ask the investor to sign and upload the necessary documents such as the subscription agreement. This is how our system is working today. In the future, we will further improve automation on the backend and additionally automate the documents required such as subscription agreements wherein, we will upload a template of that form to the portal autofilled with information. This will be easier for the investors to access and sign.

There are many options for reports including asset valuation summary reports, income statement/balance sheet/cash flow statements, and capital account statements. Let us know what you would like to be reported and we will prepare it. In the future, the reports will be auto-generated. Reports can also be uploaded onto the platform and in addition, there can be controls on who is able to access the reports (fund managers only/managers and investors/specific investors).

Newly incorporated funds and fund managers who are aware of the pain of working with traditional fund managers. We have clients with 1–8 funds on our platform, they see the value to them and to their LPs. Because our fees are based on the fund accounting work, and we are not charging for the use of the platform, it can provide a lot of value even for one fund.

We have a simple pricing approach. Simple funds with only one LP start at US$15k, Funds needing monthly reporting start at US$35k pa (e.g., PE, VC and some crypto), and funds requiring daily reporting (e.g. hedge funds) are US$60k pa for up to US$500m AUM.

Ensuring that our KYC process is compliant with up-to-date MAS guidelines is a key priority for us and our MAS-regulated clients. I have attached an external audit report from RSM Risk Advisory that reviewed our procedures and verified that we adhere to the MAS outsourcing guidelines.

The platform is designed to cater to clients in the crypto space, we have two funds with a focus on crypto, and they really like our platform due to the transparency and improved communication with LPs. Our staff are experienced in handling cryptocurrency transactions. Our platform works best for a buy-and-hold strategy.

It is usually 90 days, which gives much more time for the handover. It is possible to do it in 30 days, but the client may discuss with the current provider to give them 60 days notice at least.

Please put us in touch with your existing provider and we will manage the transfer. We have successfully transferred over funds, whilst there is significant work involved the process should go smoothly. We have a handover checklist which ensures all items from financial, operational, regulatory, and compliance are handed over smoothly.

Over 500 happy clients

Lanturn’s digital approach to fund administration has allowed us to fully integrate with our other operations, allowing us to spend more time on fundraising and deal-making.

Martin Tang
Genesis Alternative Ventures, Co-Founder
At the end of the day, the most important thing to me is fast, reliable and predictability in terms of quality of service. And that experience I got from working with Lanturn is something I have not experienced before from any other corporate services provider.
Tiang Lim Foo
Forge Ventures, Co-Founder & Partner

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