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Bespoke fund services, real-time data

Lanturn combines fund services tailored to each client with a proprietary technology platform that lets you worry less about documentation, so you can focus more on raising and deploying capital.

Why choose Lanturn for fund administration services

Experienced fund administration team

Whether you’re a fund or a family office navigating complex regulations, Lanturn can help. We leverage years of experience, leading cloud-based accounting technology, and our unique fund administration platform to keep your documentation up to date and give you access 24/7.

Delight investors

Our investor portal allows your LPs and potential LPs to access documents, performance data and reports quickly and securely. This simplifies everything from investor reporting, relationship management and LP KYC and onboarding to fundraising, capital calls and distributions.


Real-time platform

Our platform helps streamline everything from fundraising, capital calls, and distributions, to new investments, portfolio monitoring, and statutory filings. Aside from saving you time, our platform also lets you generate KPIs and reports on demand, or you can instruct us to help you with this.

We’re there at every step

No matter which stage your fund is at, we have the expertise to help you keep the engine turning.

If you need a license, we work with you to assemble the information necessary to submit and track license applications; we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

If you have a license already, we work with you to tailor your fund to your investment thesis, liquidity mechanics, waterfall, carried interest, etc.

If you are raising a fund, we give investors the experience they—and fund managers—have longed for (for years). We handle all of your KYC/AML, investor certification, investment execution and document management, and everything is digital

If you’ve completed your first close and are starting to look at investments, know that our team can work with you to ensure you can make capital calls in one click. Depending on your needs, we can even step in to work with your investors to make sure they respond to capital calls and transfer funds in a timely manner.

If you’ve invested some or all of your funds already, you can rely on Lanturn to take the sting out of portfolio tracking, investor relations, and regulatory filings. If you are a payment services provider or other regulated entity, we can help you stay on top of statutory compliance, accounting, tax, and other back-office functions.

We do the work; our technology makes it easier for you and us

Our platform plays a fundamental part in helping us roll out a red-carpet experience. Features that will be sure to wow you and investors:

Full Visibility

Our platform gives you access to up-to-date data 24/7


We can design and produce reports in line with industry best practices, or we can work with a template of your choice.

Data Organized

Our platform captures data at the fund level, for each investment asset, and by the investor, bringing monitoring and reporting into the 21st century.

Lanturn’s digital approach to funding admin has allowed us to fully integrate with our other operations, allowing us to spend more time on fundraising and deal-making.
Martin Tang
Genesis Alternative Ventures, Co-Founder

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