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We are here to make your life easier

Grow your business and leave it to Lanturn to handle your accounting, compliance, reporting, payroll and tax

Bookkeeping meets 2.0

Because we know you’re busy, our portal uses AI and other tech to produce accounts in record time and with unerring accuracy. Our goal? An experience that’s quicker, better and transparently priced.

Pay less tax—*seriously*

Leave it to us to stay on top of your costs. By using Optical Character Recognition technology, we can minimize your tax bill by making sure all of your costs are captured in your accounts quickly and accurately.

Comprehensive KYC checks

Our rigorous KYC process at Lanturn ensures that the proper due diligence is done and all the businesses we manage meet compliance standards. Our team has been trained to conduct the proper screening for AML/CFT.

Corporate secretary simplified

Whether you’re an investor juggling multiple investments, an entrepreneur juggling dozens of employees across multiple entities, or a startup looking for your first hire, Lanturn’s team can leverage years of experience and path-breaking technology to help you keep everything under control.

Payroll reimagined

How can we calculate, account for and pay salaries, bonuses and CPF payments so cost-effectively? Technology…

Capture and process expenses & bills​

Use Lanturn as your accountant, and all you have to do with bills and receipts is photograph and send them to a dedicated email address. Then leave the rest to us. Our team uses Optical Character Recognition technology and manual verification to build expense claims for all of your employees and to enable you to track what you owe your suppliers. According to our clients, the technology we use saves them two hours per employee per month. Not bad for any scale of business!

“I hate doing the same things over and over again. With Lanturn, everything is automated and I can allocate a lot of my recurring tasks to the team at Lanturn.”
Luciano Tesoriero
F45 Training

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