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Lanturn Evolves with the Times


Lanturn Evolves with the Times

June 2022

The Lanturn Team

Since the beginning, Lanturn has dedicated itself to helping entrepreneurs grow their investments by offering quality support services that do all the heavy lifting on the sidelines so that they can focus on bigger things. This dedication drove Lanturn to constantly push itself to develop newer tools and services that are instrumental in the growth of over 400 companies around the globe.


But how did Lanturn transform itself from being a small startup into one of Singapore’s leading boutique corporate and fund managing service providers? As Lanturn celebrates the launch of its rebranded look, let’s see how the company arrived at where it is today.


A Brief History of Lanturn


In 2017, a small team of innovators thought of digitising the corporate service industry and corporate workflow to make things easier for companies – Thus was the start of Lanturn. The company was composed only of a few people working in a single office in Singapore. They offered corporate secretarial services to help businesses with all the backend work and corporate activities like bookkeeping, tax recording, and regulatory filings.


What Lanturn offered proved to be just what the market needed. Its digitised corporate service offering gave modern startups and small to medium businesses companies a simpler and streamlined way of dealing with corporate paperwork, giving them peace of mind as they can leave Lanturn with all the backend work. In two years, Lanturn has worked with 200 other different clients in Singapore, and also in countries like Australia and Hong Kong.

In October 2020, Lanturn raised over USD 3 million in seed money with the help of East Ventures and Coco Ignite Ventures. This funding gave Lanturn what they needed to enhance their corporate service and accounting practices, and even in developing the Zave corporate service platform.


In 2021, Lanturn started to offer fund administration and services to reach out to fund managers and investors who want to grow their investment portfolios. This new service offering was paired with the release of the company’s fund service platform – the first of its kind in the market. Although there are many different fund management companies in the market, Lanturn’s simple yet comprehensive interface gave fund managers and investors a better platform to quickly and reliably check investments anytime, anywhere, with a single button. The platform also gave fund managers and investors a more secure way of keeping their portfolios out of unwanted hands as all the information is within the platform – reducing the likelihood of any theft or leaks.


Helping Businesses Succeed 

Aside from offering corporate and fund services, Lanturn also holds different webinars and in-person events that give both new and existing clients free tools and knowledge they can use to expand their businesses or to help them see new ways to grow their wealth portfolios.

The Lanturn Forum, an upcoming four-day online and in-person conference features a number of thought leaders from various industries sharing their insights on surviving the current economic downturn, raising capital, investment opportunities, and effective performance tracking. You may RSVP here: Lanturn Forum Virtual Events.

If you’re more of a reader type, Lanturn also has a page dedicated to blogs with carefully curated and written content for businesses of any size. From learning how to fundraise for your startup to a comprehensive guide on Singapore’s corporate taxes, the blog has excellent information you can freely use to help grow your business.


As Lanturn enters its new phase as a company, it aims to continue pushing itself to provide exceptional corporate and fund management services and exceptional customer service that will be an asset to any growth-minded business or investor. 


To further celebrate Lanturn’s rebranding, we are launching many exciting new promotions for both new and returning customers who would like to avail of our premium services. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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