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It’s Time to Switch Your Corporate Secretary Provider to Lanturn.

While company secretaries play a vital role in helping companies comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, we understand some businesses switch corporate secretary providers for several reasons.

At Lanturn, we are a corporate secretary that runs a digital platform. We have a team of experienced corporate secretaries with extensive knowledge of Singapore’s legal and compliance framework, and we have helped clients raise more than USD1 billion.

If you’re contemplating a move to a new corporate secretary, you may have questions regarding the paperwork involved. This article explains why you should choose Lanturn as your corporate secretary provider and outlines the steps involved in switching.

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Why Do You Switch Corporate Secretary Provider?

Changing and termination of corporate secretary providers can be attributed to many factors, and here are some reasons why businesses are doing the switch:

Lack of

Communication is key in a business relationship. If a corporate secretary does not communicate effectively or respond promptly, it may hinder the company’s decision-making process and, ultimately, impact its bottom line.

Failure To Provide Proper Guidance and Advice

The role of a corporate secretary is to provide guidance and offer practical advice about statutory obligations set out by Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authorities (ACRA). However, if a corporate secretary fails to communicate critical information about the company, it may lead the company to make ill-informed business decisions.

Delays in Meeting Deadlines

Whether it’s missing the deadline for filing its annual returns or making an error in documentation, these errors may result in hefty fines and heavy penalties, which will prompt companies to seek alternatives. You want a corporate secretary provider who understands your company’s needs so you can focus on growing the company

For Ease and Accessibility

When a corporate secretary provider needs to pay more attention to thorough onboarding and platform training, businesses face challenges in maximising the benefits of features or services. This will only hinder their ability to optimise business processes and undermine their growth potential, regardless of location or time zone.

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Why is a Reliable Corporate Secretary provider so important?

Having a deep understanding of the regulatory framework and statutory obligations is one of the key responsibilities of a company secretary.
This extensive knowledge will help maximise the risk of late submission. Furthermore, a compliance framework depends on multiple factors, including your business industry’s size, location and complexity. Apart from staying on top of the compliance responsibilities, you will want a reliable corporate secretary provider who can provide a tailored compliance framework that will align with your company’s regulations, the Companies Act, and Singapore’s laws and regulations.

Switching Over to Lanturn

We recognise the challenges faced by the company secretary during the end of the financial year, such as filing annual returns. Lanturn has a team of corporate secretaries who stay updated with legislative changes and regulations and track filing deadlines.

Timely Support

We understand the importance of support and are committed to providing personalised support tailored to your unique business needs.

Fully Digital

Our cloud-based platform allows your business to access information conveniently and manage your workflows anytime and anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Growth-Focused Support

With our success in fundraising, we are dedicated to scaling with you as your business grows.

Transparent Pricing

We understand the frustration of hidden fees. Our Discovery Calls with our experts ensure you won’t be surprised by unexpected hidden costs.

Seamless Collaboration

Our integrated technology combines the corporate documents in one place so you can easily access the information while allowing you to focus on what matters to you – growing your business.

How does my company go about switching to Lanturn?

The process of switching to Lanturn is a straightforward and hassle-free one. Here’s how you can go about changing to Lanturn:


Send your existing corporate secretary a termination letter and request a resignation letter.


Get the board resolution after your company’s board of directors has passed a resolution to approve the change in secretary.


Prepare Form 45B from ACRA, a consent form for the appointment of the new corporate secretary.


Send a resolution to ACRA indicating that your directors have approved the resignation of the company secretary.

If you choose to proceed, our team will guide you in every way.

We will handle the rest of the paperwork, including drafting the termination letter, preparing Form 45B and notifying ACRA of the appointment of a new corporate secretary.

Make a switch
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Are you still deciding on Lanturn?
Switching to a new corporate secretary provider can take time and effort. That is why we will provide every expertise and guidance to make your transition to Lanturn as effortless and seamless as possible. Trust us to offer the support to make this a smooth transition.

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