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Let us help handle your Visa Application as an Employee or Employer. Please note that Lanturn is not a career website and we won’t be able to assist you with job hunting.

Know Your Applicable Visa Before The Call:

  1. Employment Pass – for Professionals, Managers, Managing Directors, and Executives or Specialists filed usually by Employers and Employee Agents (Allows one Employment only with min. salary requirement of *$5,000)
  2. PEP Pass – High-ranking professionals and applicants need not be bound to any employer and need not be sponsored by any Employer (min. salary requirement is $22,500)
  3. Entre Pass – for Foreigners who wish to start a business in Singapore
  4. Dependent Pass / LOC – enables eligible dependents to work in Singapore
  5. ONE Pass – personalised pass available for top talent in Singapore across various sectors, including business, arts, culture, sports, academia, and research
  6. Permanent Residency – Foreigners who wish to reside and work in Singapore indefinitely

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