Virtual CFO Services

In a slowdown, nothing is more important than staying on top of your accounts, especially cash flow. But hiring a CFO doesn’t always make sense. They’re not cheap. That’s why many companies now turn to part-time CFOs.

How can we help

We assist with cash management and profit maximisation. Our team of experts can also help to overhaul your financial reporting and analysis. We also provide advisory services for one-off projects including fundraising and cash management in a crisis. 

Financial Projections

We offer one-off or recurring cash flow projections or full forecasts (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow). 

Fundraising Support

Our virtual CFO will prepare your financials in a way that attracts capital from investors. Upon request, they can also hit the road with you to pitch to angels and VCs.

Redesign of Accounting Processes

Is your financial team’s efficiency in need of improvement? Or is your current stack of accounting software insufficient to provide financial insights? Our virtual CFO will help audit your system and implement proven processes/softwares which have worked well for other organizations.

Cash Crisis Management

Do you have less than 3 months of cash runway left? Our virtual CFOs have pulled other startups out of the trenches before. They’ll help you prioritize tasks that will make the biggest difference to your startup’s survival. Then they will put in place cash management controls to ensure your business is never in a similar situation again.

Get in-depth support from our financial strategists

Whether you need help keeping the lights on, or simply want a second opinion from an expert before you share your numbers with investors and other stakeholders, we can help.

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