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Marketing on a budget: what startups can do to spend less yet gain more

Marketing remains one of the major contributors to businesses’ overall budget and spending. However, the more budget you spend doesn’t necessarily equate to great marketing results. Moreover, SMEs often have limited funds for marketing processes, so how can you get the optimum result without breaking the bank? Hear what Chrissa Mahtani has to say about it at this panel.

About the speakers

Chrissa Mahtani

Skilled and experienced in integrated marketing communications, Chrissa is the go-to person for all things related to digital marketing and amplification. Prior to joining Click2View, she managed Zalora Indonesia’s social media, growing their brand’s presence from scratch.

This session is moderated by Kirsty Tsang, Head of Growth at Lanturn.

Kirsty is an entrepreneur who uses her creative skills in design and marketing to pinpoint go-to-market strategies, sharpen user experience for different client personas, and manage every facet of branding and marketing. Kirsty has worked with everything from B2C and B2B startups to global Saas businesses. Most recently, she co-founded Guilt, a bakery specialising in premium cookies. Kirsty has a degree in design, and she speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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