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Today, most people are visual learners. Therefore, having a visual representation and storytelling for your brand is essential. This helps you craft a story that encompasses what your brand is about and differentiates your brand from the competition in the same market. Learn how to do it right from JD Chua and Neal Moore, both veterans in the media business.

About the speakers

JD ChuaA graduate of Chapman University, JD uprooted himself to Hollywood to intern under his filmmaking hero, Michael Mann, as well as horror powerhouse Blumhouse Productions, working on films such as Mann’s “Blackhat” and sci-fi horror “Dark Skies.” Recently, he made the film “Circle Line”, Singapore’s first modern day creature feature; a film highlighted at Singapore’s Comic-Con and got him featured in the Hollywood Reporter.

Neal MooreNeal is the founder of Moore's Lore Media and a 23 year veteran of the TV, publishing, advertising and film industries across the UK, USA and Asia, where he has been based since 2009.

This session is moderated by Kirsty Tsang, Head of Growth at Lanturn.

Kirsty is an entrepreneur who uses her creative skills in design and marketing to pinpoint go-to-market strategies, sharpen user experience for different client personas, and manage every facet of branding and marketing. Kirsty has worked with everything from B2C and B2B startups to global Saas businesses. Most recently, she co-founded Guilt, a bakery specialising in premium cookies. Kirsty has a degree in design, and she speakers English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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