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Fund Formation Services

Simplify your RFMC license application with our expert assistance. We’ll ensure you meet all regulatory requirements and help you compile comprehensive documentation. Enhance compliance by leveraging our fund administration services. Choose Lanturn as your trusted partner for RFMC license application, and navigate the complex regulatory landscape with confidence.

From preparing the necessary VCFM license requirements to offering comprehensive support during the application process, we ensure a seamless experience. Benefit from our hands-on professional VCFM license assistance and personalised guidance for an efficient and hassle-free journey. Rest assured, should there be a need, Lanturn can connect you with qualified partners who meet the necessary VCFM license eligibility criteria for your staffing requirements.

Lanturn specialises in guiding fund managers through the LFMC license application process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Our experts will assist you in meeting the necessary criteria and navigating the complexities of LFMC licensing. Benefit from our industry expertise and tailored solutions to ensure a successful LFMC license application.

Effortlessly manage your funds with Lanturn’s expert administration services. Benefit from accurate bank reconciliation, custom capital call letters, financial statement distribution, audit support, expense management, and tax handling. Our innovative tech solutions ensure seamless control and transparent rates. Trust us for tailored fund support, freeing up your time to focus on growth and compliance. Experience the ease of fund management with Lanturn.

How it works



Start with a personalised consultation to discuss your fund structuring and setting up a fund in Singapore. Our experts will understand your requirements and provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.



Once the consultation is complete, we will assist you in the fund formation process, ensuring all necessary steps are taken to establish your fund. From legal documentation to regulatory compliance, we’ll handle the details, so you can focus on your investment strategies.



Our team will guide you through the application process for the MAS license for fund management. We will ensure all required documentation is prepared accurately and submitted in a timely manner, streamlining the process for you.



As you enter the operational phase with your established fund and acquired license, availing of our comprehensive fund administrative services guarantees a smooth onboarding experience. We take care of essential tasks, including swift bank account setup, meticulous fund accounting, accurate reporting, and continuous compliance management. With our support, you can focus more on growing your fund.

Fund formation and fund administration services are tailored to each fund’s unique needs.

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Why our fund partners love Lanturn

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Trustworthy Expertise

At Lanturn, you're in good hands. Our team of experienced professionals provides trustworthy expertise in Singapore fund setup and fund formation. We understand the complexities of the process and guide you with precision and care. Rest assured, we have the knowledge and skills to navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure your success.


Speed and accuracy

Experience efficient and accurate fund formation with Lanturn. We prioritise speed and precision in every step of the process. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, we streamline procedures, ensuring prompt results without compromising accuracy. Trust in our commitment to delivering timely and precise solutions, for both your fund formation and fund administration needs.

A fully digital experience

Our cutting-edge technology and intuitive platforms eliminate paperwork and streamline the entire process. From online applications to digital document management and real-time collaboration, we enhance efficiency and ensure a hassle-free journey. Experience the convenience of a fully integrated digital platform that not only facilitates fund formation but also provides ongoing fund administration support.

What is the Lanturn
Fund Services

The platform was created as an innovative solution designed to simplify private market investments for small and mid-cap asset managers.

Enhanced Connectivity

Free up your team’s time and resources with Lanturn’s expert solutions and innovative technology. Let our services enable you to efficiently create and manage funds at scale, with minimal time and cost investment.

Seamless user experience

Let Lanturn’s experienced team provide comprehensive fund administration services that assist CFOs, CPAs, lawyers, and investors in navigating basic and complicated financial requirements.

Cost-effective solutions

We combine our extensive industry knowledge with innovative technology to deliver precise and efficient fund administration services, allowing you to optimise costs and grow your business.

What our clients love about Lanturn

Frequently Asked Questions

MAS licensing in Singapore involves a stringent regulatory process overseen by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Fund managers must submit a comprehensive application, including information on the company, key personnel, financials, compliance policies, and risk management. MAS evaluates each application based on factors such as track record and qualifications. Lanturn offers professional MAS license assistance, guiding fund managers through the application process and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Fund formation in Singapore involves key steps: determining fund structure, registering a company, preparing legal documents, obtaining relevant licenses like the MAS license, launching the fund, and ensuring compliance. Lanturn provides expert fund formation and administration services to support managers at every stage, ensuring a seamless and compliant process.

Setting up a fund in Singapore involves meeting specific requirements, including determining the fund structure, registering the company, appointing personnel, preparing legal documentation, fulfilling capital requirements, and obtaining licenses like the MAS license for fund management. Lanturn offers comprehensive support, including professional assistance with MAS license applications, to ensure a seamless and compliant fund formation process.

In Singapore, various types of funds can be established to cater to different investment strategies and objectives. Common types include hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, venture capital funds, and mutual funds. Each type has its own specific requirements and regulatory considerations. Lanturn specializes in fund formation and administration services, assisting clients in setting up a wide range of funds in Singapore.

Fund formation in Singapore is governed by robust regulatory frameworks and guidelines set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The Securities and Futures Act (SFA) and the Financial Advisers Act (FAA) are key regulations, that ensure transparency and investor protection. The Code on Collective Investment Schemes (CIS Code) provides guidelines for operating collective investment schemes. Lanturn, offering fund formation and administration services, helps clients navigate these regulations and ensures compliance with MAS guidelines.

The minimum capital requirement for establishing a fund in Singapore varies depending on the type of fund and the regulatory framework it falls under. Certain types of funds may have different capital requirements or exemptions. Lanturn, a provider of fund formation and administration services, assists clients in understanding and meeting the specific capital requirements based on their fund’s structure and regulatory obligations.

Yes, foreign individuals and companies can set up funds in Singapore. The city-state welcomes foreign investors and offers various fund structures. However, regulatory compliance and obtaining the necessary licenses, such as the MAS license for fund management, are required. Lanturn provides services to assist foreign individuals and companies in navigating the process of setting up funds in Singapore.

Yes, there are specific licensing and registration requirements for fund managers in Singapore. Fund managers are required to obtain a license from MAS to operate legally in Singapore. The licensing process involves submitting an application, fulfilling certain criteria, and demonstrating compliance with regulatory standards. Lanturn offers professional MAS license application services, assisting fund managers in navigating the licensing requirements and ensuring compliance with the regulations set by MAS.

The duration of the fund formation process in Singapore can vary depending on various factors, which include obtaining necessary licenses, fulfilling regulatory requirements, and establishing the fund structure. The timeline can be influenced by factors such as the complexity of the fund structure, the completeness of documentation, and the efficiency of the application process. Lanturn’s expertise in fund formation and administration can help expedite the process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for clients.

Funds established in the country enjoy certain tax benefits and incentives under the Singapore Variable Capital Company (VCC) framework. Singapore has a favourable tax regime for funds, including exemptions on certain types of income, such as dividends and capital gains. It is important to consult with professionals, such as Lanturn, who specialize in fund formation and administration services, to fully understand and navigate the tax implications and benefits associated with setting up funds in Singapore.

Funds established in Singapore are subject to ongoing compliance and reporting obligations to ensure transparency and responsible operations. These obligations include submitting an annual report to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), conducting independent audits, providing clear disclosure documents to investors, complying with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regulations, and adhering to market conduct rules. Non-compliance may result in penalties from the MAS. Lanturn offers professional services to assist funds in understanding and fulfilling these obligations effectively.

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