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Effortless Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Tax Filing in Singapore

Secure, efficient ECI Tax Filing in Singapore with Lanturn’s team of seasoned accountants and cutting-edge technology. Let us take care of your tax filings while you concentrate on growing your business.

Stay Ahead of Deadlines with Lanturn

Simplify your tax season with Lanturn. Our tax filing services grant you access to a devoted team of experts who ensure efficient and on-time tax compliance, leaving no room for missed deadlines.


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Choose the tax service that suits your needs best, and then schedule a call with our team.


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With our expertise and technology, tax filing and estimated chargeable income computation are made easy. We will guide and support you in gathering the necessary documents for your ECI Tax filing in Singapore.

Lanturn’s Tax Solutions

Prices exclusive of Singapore GST

Tax Waiver

We understand that the process of applying for a tax waiver can be complex and time-consuming. Let Lanturn assist you with the procedures, from consultation, and preparation to submission of the application.

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Tax Filing for Chargeable Income (CI)

With Lanturn’s CI tax filing services, the process of computing your chargeable income in Singapore will be a stress-free experience. Our team will guide and support you through the process of filing your corporate tax return accurately and on time. Let Lanturn assist you in staying compliant and avoiding any unnecessary penalties this tax season.

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Pricing dependent on yearly revenue

Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Tax Filing

Save your business from the hassle by availing of Lanturn’s ECI tax filing services. Avoid the chance of underpaying your taxes, by letting the professionals handle the computation of your estimated chargeable income and more.

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GST Registration

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GST Filing Quartely

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Dormant Return

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Avail of Lanturn’s Tax Solutions

Hassle-free Tax Filing with Lanturn's Accounting Plans

With Lanturn’s Accounting Plans

Escape the complexities of tax filing with Lanturn’s Accounting Plans. Our advanced cloud technology streamlines your accounting and bookkeeping, ensuring seamless online management. Discover the benefits of efficient, effective, and worry-free financial services with Lanturn.

Accounts Closed Annually

ECI and CI filing

Financial Statements Preparation

Xero or Eleven Subscription

Why choose Lanturn’s Tax Services?

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Expert Tax Solutions

Lanturn combines technology and expertise to uncover valuable tax deductions for your business, while ensuring all your costs are accurately accounted for.


Effective Compliance Management

Rely on Lanturn to track your compliance deadlines while you focus on business growth. And at any time, you can coordinate with our team should you wish to avail of any of our corporate services.


Fully Digital Process

Clients can just upload the necessary documents via email ensuring a fully digital process. Leave the computations and tax filing to Lanturn.


Transparent Pricing

Explore our range of services, from standalones to comprehensive packages, all delivering expert efficiency at a fair cost. Our scalable solutions prioritise delivering quality service to our clients.

Why do businesses choose Lanturn?

Frequently Asked Questions

The formula for calculating chargeable income in Singapore is:

Chargeable income = Assessable income – Allowable deductions

The corporate income tax rate in Singapore is a flat rate of 17%. So, if a company has an assessable income of S$100,000 and has allowable deductions of S$20,000, then its chargeable income would be S$80,000. The company would then pay S$13,600 in chargeable income tax (17% of S$80,000).

The ECI is an “estimate” of the company’s chargeable income for a given year, while the income reported in Form C/C-S is the actual chargeable income that the company earned in that year. Oftentimes the income reported in Form C/C-S may be higher or lower than the reported ECI, depending on the actual income and expenses incurred by the company during the Year of Assessment (YA). Furthermore, companies with an annual revenue of less than $5 million are not required to submit ECI returns.

If you do not have any dedicated accounting and tax team, it would be beneficial for you to acquire the services of professionals like Lanturn to avoid penalties.

The filing of Form C-S/ Form C-S (Lite)/ Form C for Corporate Income Tax Returns must be filed by 30 Nov every year as per IRAS. Though the filing deadlines may vary depending on the specific year of assessment and any updates or changes made by the IRAS.

Failing to file your business’ Form C/C-S on time, will result in penalties, fines and enforcement actions depending on the specific circumstances. The penalties for late filing of Form C/C-S may range from a basic penalty of 10% of the unpaid tax to a maximum penalty of 50% of the unpaid tax. If a company fails to file tax returns for two years or more, the penalty may be twice the amount of tax assessed, and a fine not exceeding S$5,000.

Moreover, a composition fee capped at S$1,000 may be imposed by the IRAS. It is important for companies to file their tax returns on time and accurately to avoid any penalties or legal actions. If you feel that your accounting team would require the assistance of experts, availing of Lanturn’s services may be beneficial to you.

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