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Accounting Singapore

  Reading time 11 minutes Did you know that Freelancers and Self-employed individuals are taxed differently (Singapore tax)? During the Singapore tax season (that is coming), it can get increasingly frustrating for both freelancers and the self-employed if they need clarification about their tax obligations. This article will share the difference between freelancers and self-employed and the […]


  Reading time 3 minutesRunning a business is no easy feat, involving day-to-day operations, marketing to accounting. While accounting for businesses may not be the most exciting area, it is a crucial part of the business. Accurate accounting and finance for your business are beneficial for your business’s long-term growth. Being able to identify profits and cash flow is […]


  Reading time 8 minutesYou may have heard that bookkeeping services for small business are an efficient way to keep your accounting records updated. Business owners have to consider taxes, compliance, and other legal requirements. Neat, well-organized bookkeeping and accounting records can increase your company’s chances of survival, this applies to small businesses and established corporations. If […]


  Reading time 8 minutesEfficiently manage your small business accounting tasks with the right accounting software or system. Accurate and time-saving, these tools help avoid costly errors like the one that cost TransAlta US$24 million. Showing that despite being routine, accounting tasks are usually time-consuming and dependent on accuracy, which means that human error can lead to disastrous […]


  Reading time 7 minutesFiling corporate taxes is one of the most important steps involved when reaching the end of a company’s financial year. Keeping up with all the legislative changes can be time-consuming; yet, should you fail to do so, you may end up paying expensive penalties.  Whether you are a new business owner or not, […]


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