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Accounting Singapore

  Reading time 6 minutes With the rapid advancements in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business, the impact of AI is undeniable. From virtual personal assistants to revolutionising industries, AI is transforming the way we conduct business. Explore the latest artificial intelligence applications in various industries below: Finance and Banking Applications of Artificial Intelligence in […]


  Reading time 4 minutes Good accounting practices are essential for every business, and accounting software can help streamline and optimise those practices. With Xero and Dext, companies can ensure clean financial health, stay compliant with tax laws, and gain complete visibility of their income and expenses. Accurate financial information also empowers stakeholders to make informed business […]


  Reading time 5 minutesThe Singapore tax system boasts a comprehensive and business-friendly tax regime that has made it a global leader in attracting investments. With its attractive corporate tax rates and business-positive laws, Singapore has become a preferred destination for both businesses and individuals.  If you are someone who’s interested in taking advantage of the country’s […]


  Reading time 3 minutes Having good accounting and finance practices are crucial for every business. It is why the general ledger is an important tool to have to ensure this. General ledgers help stop discrepancies and uncounted loss of funds by recording a company’s financial account. This tool has existed since the beginning of the business world and […]


  Reading time 6 minutesLooking for the best bank for business accounts in Singapore? Although one may be spoilt for choice with the many different available banks in the country and the various available accounts you can open, there are four banks that stand out which offer great options that are perfect for any individual seeking to […]


  Reading time 5 minutesPublic curiosity about mutual fund investing has gained steam over the past year. This happens as some are predicting hyperinflation because of the pandemic.  In reality, investing is nothing new, but most people, those with limited funds, in particular, are perhaps wary of investing; they lack the financial literacy to do so.  For the […]


  Reading time 4 minutesThere has been a lot of buzz around Singapore Budget 2020, especially in a time where many businesses are reeling from the economic impacts of COVID-19. Here’s what’s on the table! Singapore Budget 2020 – Short term relief Jobs: Retention and Progression Preparing for better days: Up-skilling and Refurbishments Enhanced Corporate Tax Treatments  […]


  Reading time 5 minutes Outsourcing Bookkeeping has grown rapidly in the last few years, mainly due to improving technology and small businesses focusing more on cost control. We’ll discuss the risks and benefits of outsourcing your accounting. Not everybody agrees on the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping or is comfortable with the potential risks. The occasional nightmare […]


  Reading time 4 minutesBookkeeping is one of the world’s oldest professions. You can trace its origins to Ancient Egypt and Babylonia, and it has survived for more than 2,000 years for a very simple reason: bookkeepers help businesses understand their results. But do I need a bookkeeper for my small business? Is it a necessity since […]


  Reading time 6 minutesIn today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, virtual CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) are gaining popularity. But what exactly makes virtual CFOs attractive and how can it benefit businesses?  When should startups outsource CFO? A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for everything related to your company’s finances. Their roles are equally critical in influencing […]


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