True friends don’t keep secrets—even if they’re good ones.

Great things are meant to be shared. Help us help your friends, and we’ll share valuable insight on keeping your company’s finances in check. You don’t have to be a Lanturn client to qualify.

Everybody wins

Refer a friend and get 20 minutes of VCFO insights on best practices we have observed across our client base. In the call, we will give you insights into how Forecasting; Revenue Growth; Cost Management; and Internal Control have helped some of our most successful clients. We’ll also share some of the best practices around record-keeping, preparation for fundraising, and how companies use data to decide when to pivot their business plans.

Your friend will also get 2 complimentary months for recurring services when they sign up for a year with Lanturn.

How your friend wins

  • 2 complimentary months for all 12 month plan*
  • Can be combined with our current promotions.

How You Win

  • A 10mins complimentary overview insight sharing session (no obligations for any referrals)**
  •  A 20min in-depth session on specific aspect such as
    1. Forecasting;
    2. Revenue Growth;
    3. Cost Management;
    4. Internal Control;
    5. Record-keeping;
    6. Preparation for fundraising; and
    7. Data Analysis to decide when to pivot their business.

 Terms and conditions apply: Only valid for referrals from June 1, 2021.
*Valid for recurring plans for minimum of one year **Valid to current Lanturn clients only
Lanturn reserves the right to amend this offer without notice.


Whether I am a Lanturn client or not, do you cap the number of people I can refer?

No, the more you successfully refer, the more sessions you’ll be eligible for.

How do you know if someone I refer has signed up for Lanturn services?

It’s easy. Introduce us to a client directly by email, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. Thereafter, your name will always be linked to their profile, and the minute they become a paying client of Lanturn’s, we will reach out to schedule your session.

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