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How we help you succeed

Bank Recon

Accurate reconciliation of your fund bank accounts is made easy with our professional services. Trust our team to provide precise bank reconciliation services for your fund.

Financial Statement Distribution

Effortlessly provide financial statements to your LPs with our LFS platform. Keep your LPs up-to-date with financial statements prepared and uploaded by our team.

Capital Calls

Capital calls are made easy with our customised letter services. Let Lanturn take care of the complex process of calculating and preparing capital call letters for your fund.

Audit Support

Get the audit support you need with our professional services. Our team is here to support your year-end audit work with detailed reports and assistance.


Partner with Lanturn for worry-free fund expense management and recording. We will review, process, and record expenses in accordance with partnership agreements.

Capital Accounts Balance Tracking

Leave the capital account tracking to us and focus on your business objectives. We calculate and track all LP and GP capital account balances per the stipulations in the partnership agreements.

Financial Statement Preparation

Stay on top of your finances with our comprehensive fund financial statement preparation. Our team of experts will create monthly, quarterly, and annual fund financial statements on a cash or accrual basis for your fund.

Fund Taxes

Trust us to handle your fund taxes, we will collect documentation and prepare your taxes, to free up your CFO to focus on important business objectives.

What sets Lanturn apart from the rest

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Innovative tech solutions

Managing your funds has never been easier. With our cloud-based platform and intuitive interface, you can take advantage of Lanturn’s advanced technology and manage your funds with ease. Best of all, your LPs get access to their own fund portal too.


Transparent Rates

Our pricing strategy is aimed at maximising the value we deliver to our clients. We leverage our expertise and innovative technology to offer the most efficient and effective fund management services at a fair and transparent price.


Effortless Fund Control

Free up your time and streamline your fund management with Lanturn. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team of professionals will handle all the tedious tasks, including Capital Accounts Balance Tracking, financial statement preparation, capital calls, and audit support.


Tailored Fund Support

Lanturn's dedicated experts provide customized solutions and professional assistance to simplify fund administration, including bank reconciliation, capital tracking, expense management, audit support, taxes, and financial statement preparation. All of this is to help you grow your business and stay compliant at the same time.

What is the Lanturn
Fund Services Platform

The platform was created as an innovative solution designed to simplify private market investments for small and mid-cap asset managers.

Enhanced Connectivity

Free up your team’s time and resources with Lanturn’s expert solutions and innovative technology. Let our services enable you to efficiently create and manage funds at scale, with minimal time and cost investment.

Seamless user experience

Let Lanturn’s experienced team provide comprehensive fund administration services that assist CFOs, CPAs, lawyers, and investors in navigating basic and complicated financial requirements.

Cost-effective solutions

We combine our extensive industry knowledge with innovative technology to deliver precise and efficient fund administration services, allowing you to optimise costs and grow your business.

Why do businesses love Lanturn?

Frequently Asked Questions

Singapore’s tax and regulatory environment, combined with its strong reputation in business and financial services, make it an attractive location for alternative investment fund administration. Alternative investment fund administration involves outsourcing fund administration services for private equity, real estate, hedge funds, and venture capital funds to third-party providers. These services include accounting, reporting, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

A hedge fund administrator is a company that provides operational and administrative support services to hedge funds, including managing data, reconciling trades, and handling regulatory compliance. They work with hedge fund managers to ensure that the fund’s operations run smoothly and efficiently.
Many financial institutions and fund management companies outsource their hedge fund administration functions to third-party service providers like Lanturn, allowing them to focus on their core competencies while reducing operational costs. These outsourcing services typically include back-office functions such as trade settlement, record-keeping, investor services, and financial reporting.
Private equity fund administration involves managing and overseeing the financial and administrative operations of private equity funds. Private equity fund administrators provide a range of services to help fund managers focus on their core competencies of investment analysis and portfolio management. These services may include accounting, reporting, investor relations, and compliance.
They are not the same a fund accountant is responsible for the day-to-day accounting and financial operations of a fund, such as calculating net asset values, preparing financial statements, and reconciling accounts. On the other hand, a fund administrator is responsible for a broader range of services, including fund accounting, investor services, compliance, and reporting. They also act as a liaison between the fund manager and investors. Lanturn offers both fund administration and fund accounting services.
The cost of fund administration services varies depending on the complexity of the fund structure and the level of service required. It’s important to get a clear understanding of the fee structure before engaging a fund administrator to avoid unexpected costs.

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