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Lanturn’s fund administration and regulatory services platform enables our team of experienced fund administrators and fund accountants to make it easier than ever for you to start and manage funds, payment providers and other regulated entities.



If you need a license, we work with you to assemble the information necessary to submit and track license applications; we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


If you have a license already, we work with you to tailor your fund to your investment thesis, liquidity mechanics, waterfall, carried interest, etc.


If you are raising a fund, we give investors the experience they—and fund managers—have longed for (for years). We handle all of your KYC/AML, investor certification, investment execution and document management, and everything is digital


If you’ve completed your first close and are starting to look at investments, know that our team can work with you to ensure you can make capital calls in one click.


IF you’ve invested some or all of your fund already, you can rely on Lanturn’s premier team and our cutting-edge platform to take the sting out of portfolio tracking, investor relations and regulatory filings. IF you are a payment services provider or other regulated entity, our team uses the Lanturn platform to make sure we stay on top of your statutory compliance, accounting, tax and other back office functions so you can focus on your core business

What our clients say

“The expertise, responsiveness and professionalism of the team has made the switch over seamless.”

—Thierry De Panafieu, Hera Capital

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