Accounting simplified for early-stage companies & SMEs

Lanturn’s experienced team of accountants uses cloud technology to run your accounting online. We have more than 300 clients, and we work with everything from fintech firms and creative agencies to private equity and venture capital firms. With every client, our goal is the same: we want you to have more time to grow your business. 

Accounting Plans


billed annually

One entity
Accounts closed annually


billed annually

Core plus:
Accounts closed quarterly
Zave Growth subscription
Single-currency Xero subscription


billed quarterly

Core plus:
Multi-currency Xero subscription
High Growth corporate secretarial package


billed quarterly

Premium plus:
Multiple entries
Consolidated management accounts

Expenses automated

For all accounting clients, we process bills and staff expenses for free. You or your colleagues submit these to us by Whatsapp, by email or via our web portal. We then work our magic, using technology to capture and check all your data. All that’s left for you to do is log in to our cloud corporate services portal and approve or reject staff expenses and payments. Get ready for your team—liberated from the need to type up expense claims—to reclaim one hour per person per week!

Because Zave’s cloud compliance technology and Xero, the world’s leading cloud accounting technology, talk to each other, you benefit big time. Any work our team at Lanturn do in Xero is reflected in Zave, and vice versa. That makes it easier than ever for us, you and your stakeholders to stay up to speed on all of your compliance and accounting, freeing you up to devote more time to growing your core business.

Save time with integrated platforms

Management accounts
made easier

Our task-management technology mimics popular messaging apps and Toyota’s legendary project management technique. This makes it easier than ever for us to work with you, to assemble and decipher all of the information we need to close your accounts. Finalizing management accounts gets harder the bigger your business. But at a minimum plan on saying goodbye to long, opaque emails, and prepare for your team to take back material amounts of time.

What our clients say

“I hate doing the same things over and over again. With Lanturn, everything is automated and I can allocate a lot of my recurring tasks to the team at Lanturn.”

– Luciano Tesoriero, F45 Training

Over 300 happy clients

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